“Honey, I’m home! What a brutal day out on the field! Did you hear it snowed? I know! Craziness! I don’t quite get it myself. I asked Frank about it and he said it had something to do with Global Warming? I thought we got away from that moving to LA. That’s not just some silly European thing? Anyway, then Landon chimed in and said it was really just El Nino. Global Warming isn’t real. Then I said to Landon, “Look, I don’t mean to be a total prat, but what the hell is El Nino?” He said it literally translates into “the child”. Now that cracked me up. Just think a tiny child blowing snow and cold winds into LA. Ha! Funny, huh? It was bloody hell though running up and down in slushy, snowy mud. I hope this El Nino/Global Warming thing is just a fluke. It must be a Hollywood thing we haven’t figured out yet. I asked Tom about it and he invited me over for a screening of some ‘Inconvenient’ film or what have you. Katie, err I mean Kate was there and she seemed to like the movie or at least Tom said she did. Anyway, the whole thing seemed a bit dull, then a tad scary when I started to think about all that we own and power we suck up daily. I’m thinking that just to be on the safe side we should start conserving a twinge. Maybe drive the Bentley vs. the Escalade on more occasions?”

“Hon?” “You’re awfully quiet. What’s the matter? Am I boring you? Did you and Kate already watch this movie on Girls Night?” “ Hey Brooklyn !”

“Uh, hey Dad. You know that’s not Mum right? That’s the wax figure of Mummy that the museum sent over today.”

“Oh, right. Thanks son. Where is your Mum then?”

“She’s at Neiman’s with some church people. She’ll be back later.”

“Right, that’s right. She meets them at Neiman’s each week. Funny that. Well, just in case this whole Global Warming isn’t something else Al Gore “invented” let’s unplug your mini-Hummer for a while and hope that helps. Shall we?”

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