But I’d like to add a little something to the post about Briar and the amazing little girl she is becoming.

In addition to saying adorable things –

Standing over a heat register arching her back so that the hot air wooshed through her hair like a home spun Glamour Shots special effect she says: Look Mama, fresh hair. Briar is getting fresh hair.

She does something else. A lot. She applies pressure, exclusivley focusing said pressure on her sister.

Body checks.

Straight arms.

Blindsider shoves.


You name it, she does it. Poor Avery is impervious. She worships Briar with an energy and unwavering devotion that forgives even the most appalling hurts. She may cry a bit, curling up her little chin, wrinkling her nose and flapping her hands at her sides as she watches my reaction. None of this is to get Briar in trouble, just to maybe get a little extra lovin’ from mom. Moments after any of these largely unprovoked and one sided altercations, you’ll find Avery trailing after Briar- or, in the case of a time-out, sitting at the bottom step gazing up at Briar. Unfortunately the time-out scenario ofetn invites another episode because she is so kick in the faceable on that first step. Sigh.

As long as we can keep these big sister little sister dust ups under the ER radar I’ll be ok.

I think.