Ok, any moms out there who’s children have never slept:
Stop reading right now
Or if you do keep reading let me just beat you to the punch:
I am a whiny bitch.

Avery has been so incredible. Such a sleeper. Such an eater. Such a whiz.

But lately she has added a couple of feedings. Now don’t get me wrong.I love her. I love feeding her. Nursing Avery is magnificent. There is none of the worry or fear that I had with Briar. I know what she needs, she knows how to get it and together we have found the positions that are best for us. Lately though, not so together on the times.

Avery goes down at 8pm. If she’s not in bed by 8 she looks at us, shakes her head and gives a little “Tsk tsk tsk,” pops her thumb in her mouth and promptly zonks out. I feed her again sometime between 10 and midnight depending upon when I get up to bed. Now we have a 1 am feeding which we do in her room. I’ll give her that she’s quick. I am back in bed in abot 15-20 minutes. Then she’s up again at 3, but she never goes back down. I try to put her back in her crib and she makes very loud noises. I realize that she is soothing herself blah blah blah. The walls are too thing for self soothing. Tremors consume me as I wait for the tell tale sound of little miss grumpy upon waking stirring in the next room. Nope, can’t do it. I scoop Avery in my arms and take her to our bedroom.

Yeah! Fun! Mom and Dad.
Whatcha doing daddy? Mmm, kiss. Love you dad. Milk mommy.
Slurp, slurp.
Daddy whatcha doin?
Wimper. Wimper.Howl.
Ba ba ba. Na na na. Uh zaw uh zaw. Uhhh zaaaaw.


Is she hungry?

I don’t know. I don’t think so.

Mmm-na mmmm-na. Ba taw.

Try feeding her.

Avery you want some…ouch. Don’t bite mommy.

Well quit putting that in my mouth.


And then it’s 5. More nursing. Chatting.

And then it’s six. The babbling is such that Sean knows Briar will soon wake.

Want me to take her downstairs?

Oh my god I love you so much please will you take her down?

I don’t mean to sound awful, but after 7 months of sleep, this last month and a half has been hell. It has,however, accomplished on pretty awesome thing: SuperDad at dawn.

I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank the SuperDad here. He is a-may-zing. He is never wrong. We have never been lost.