Feeding a two year old.

It’s easy if you don’t mind feeding a diet of Pirate’s Booty, grapes and orange juice. If you have designs on putting anything close to a well rounded diet in a two year old’s belly, well you are in for, shall we say, a bit of a challenge. If I can add one more food group to our current carb and sugar food groups that’d be just swell. You’ll understand my excitement at realizing that Briar liked cream cheese.

Cream cheese? You’ll eat cream cheese? My god, that’s dairy. That’s dairy, right Sean?
Can mommy get you some cream cheese?
You want it on an apple? No?
Cracker? No?
Pear? No?
Chip? Sure, why not.
Here you go, a little cream cheese on a sundried tomato pita chip.

Today Briar asked for a sandwich. Cream cheese and jam, please and thank you. Not really, please and thank you seem to be hibernating. Sigh. Maybe Punxsutawney Phill can pop back out and see if he can locate please and thank you for us.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to argue. Cream cheese and jam on honey wheat was better than 2 bags of fruit chews.

Here you go honey, just keep the sandwich closed. Please eat some bread too.

Her preliminary delight about the cream cheese allowed for one actual bite.

Hmm, there’s cream cheese in here.

The cream cheese is the only thing I really want to eat.
The cream cheese and the jam that is.

Mom, try it. The inside’s the best part.

No thank you honey. Please keep the sandwich closed.

Here and now I officially accept that I cannot outfox this child. At least it’s dairy, right?