Sometimes the shittiest days can be fixed with itty bitty things from the universe.

I was at will call picking up tickets for Sesame Street Live today. A woman at the next window said:

“I’d like to buy tickets for the concert.”

“Which one ma’am?”



“Really? Not effervescent? Huh, well I think that would be a good name.”

Second thing. I walked into the Nick the Tailor to pick up 2 sets of curtains that have been there waiting to be hemmed since early December. I swore to Sean (remember, I was having a shitty day):

“If she hasn’t finished the curtains I am going to fucking kill her.”


“I am not kidding.”

“Ok, honey.”

I walk through the doors and she’s standing there. 4’3″ if she’s an inch. Missing many teeth, Greek Orthodox Mass going on a 12″ Trinitron tv circa 1972 in the back corner, and dozens of precariously perched candles burning alongside an endless rack of clothes.

She gasped as she looked up from my unhemmed curtains.

“You eesh gonna live along time. Ay, shoo. I was a’just tinkin’ ’bout choo.” And she crossed herself, shaking her head and smiling up at me.

Thanks universe.