Well color me shocked… Sexualized images in media may harm girls, young women.

The article, if you choose not go read it, mentions Bratz Dolls:

The popular Bratz dolls, the study noted, depict “girls marketed in bikinis, sitting in a hot tub, mixing drinks, and standing around, while the ‘Boyz’ play guitar and stand with their surf boards,” it said. The dolls come dressed in miniskirts, fishnet stockings, and feather boas.

Since first seeing the dolls I have been mystified, but then, they are sold in the same stores that sell little peek a boo bikinis for 3-6 month olds. What the hell? I used to be critical of 7 year olds in high heels, but now I see that you have to work to not dress your girls in clothing with writing on the ass or suggestive writing on the bust line, the non exisistent toddler bust line that is.

I don’t mean to be another person griping about the T&A all over tv, though I find it offensive, and frankly played out, but I have to wonder with the Britney melt down and the increasingly skimpy clothing out there marketed to young women and little girls, but when the hell is enough going to be enough?

I suppose each generation has something to complain, some way of life they experienced in their youth to mourn, but I am really worried. When I was a girl I pretended there were fairies and hobbits in the woods. I raced superballs in the gutter with storm run off. Now my daughters are growing up with a whole different take on fairies and gutters.

All I really know is that I will fight to the death to give them as many moments of childhood as I can.