She bites, she bites
Oh baby when she bites, she cries
I go crazy ’cause she
Looks like an angel
But she bites like a crab
Like older sibs in history

She bites, she bites
I’m crushed by the way she cries
No one ever looked so sorry
She reminds me
That a sister’s got one thing on her mind

Talk to me, tell me how come
You’ll wear me out like a pair of shoes
We’ll wait all night until you say sorry
Then you’re done… yeah baby

Well, if it leaves a mark it
Should be a crime
You better have time out
You’ll do the time
With a smile on your face
Thinkin’ of the shock on
Your little sister’s face

She bit, she cried (both she’s). No blood was spilled, but so help me, this is beginning to look like a very long ride. We invite your comments with stories and wisdom on the sibling wars. Seriously, if only to make us feel normal.