You know those obnoxious forwards that you get from co-workers?

Subject: Redneck Women and why they do it better

Subject: You know your* a redneck if…
*typo intentional by this author

Subject: Angels are real

Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re: Too Funny


We had a moment here at Chez Wink that made it clear that those endless chains of photos of little kids doing naughty things are not in fact staged, or at least they don’t have to be.

Take this little gem:

Setting: Our kitchen, dishwasher wide open with a clean load

Players: Briar and Ella (the former our daughter, the latter our dog)

The following was declared with toddler earnestness and purpose while a pudgy hand brandished a teaspoon and made a tally ho gesture.

“Take the potty out!”

I scrambled to grab the teaspoon before it made its journey to remove the potty from Ella’s rapidly closing anus.

It ain’t always pretty, but it’s my reality.