Sometimes I am not, as they say, the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The other day Sean and I were have a quick bite to eat at Davidson’s.

He was telling me about one of the books he is reading by Jon Katz. He was trying to explain how a couple of sheep can pretty quickly get to be a lot of sheep.

“So they start with a couple of ewes and a ram.”


“And the ewes start having babies, maybe a set of twins.”


“Then those ewes begin having babies.”

“Which ewes?”

“The new ewes.”

“From the ram?”


“You mean a new ram and the second ewes?”

“No, the old ram and the new ewes.”

“That can’t be, they’d have to get another ram.”


“Sean, they can’t make babies with their cousins.”

And then, with the most exasperated I-cannot-believe-I-married-someone-so-dim look he said,

“Amanda. They’re sheep.”