Beck of Frog and Toad are Stilll Friends offered to fire out some interview questions. Many of us love reading her blog and were so enchanted by the idea of having a virtual tête à tête with her that we immediately raised our hands. Now, without further ado, the questions from Beck:

Okay, here are the interview questions for you!
1. Which actress – past or present – will play you in the movie of your life?

I suspect this question was posed because of an old post of mine and the update soon after. Back in the day I used to wish I were famous, now I really enjoy the freedom of say, spending an entire Saturday in public places, brilliantly unshowered, shamefully unshaved, and generally indifferent to the reality of my appearance. Please note that I mean I enjoy knowing I have the option to do this. I do not however, enjoy being unshowered, unshaved or indifferent. I currently feel as if I can smell my own scalp, and that my friends, is not a pleasant thing.
Back to the casting…could I do it like the flick coming out with Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan? Could I cast Jason Bateman? Kidding. I can’t do it based on looks because no one looks like me, or I don’t look like anyone. I used to get Kirstie Alley comparisons, back in her Cheers days, but I never saw it. A teacher once called me a Candace Bergen doppleganger, but I didn’t see that either. I am honestly drawing a blank, I might have picked Jessica Biehl before her ass was deemed the eigth wonder of the world, because while nice, I don’t think mine would make the cut in Maxim. She was fierce in one of the blade movies and I think, given a little more sleep, I could be fierce again. Another contender might be Emma Thompson for her incorrigibility in any number of Merchant Ivory productions. I identify with her intelligent, but kind of bumbling way. But she’s not quite right either. Maybe I’ll let Sean’s casting of Jennifer Garner stand, because let’s be honest, who can really cast themself?

2. Steve from Blue’s Clues – kind of sexy?

Honestly I can’t get past the striped shirts and I am not sure if Steve is the guy with the gnarly eyebrows or the lad with the modified bowl cut. I must say that as I watch I can’t help myself wondering if these guys ever get laid. Seems to me that if you aren’t a mom, you wouldn’t give them a second look, and if you are a mom, and you do give them a second look…ew, jest eww!

3. If you could have one free service in your home every day, what would you choose?

Oh, that is easy, I totally know the answer, in fact you could make me give up tv, internet and phone service (well maybe not the internet, but I would give up garbage service) if only I could get a person/machine/service that would go all Ethan Hawke in Gattaca on my house and remove every last trace of hair. Yup, I’d take a life without dog and cat hair any day!

4. What is the nicest compliment anyone has ever given you?

Boy, this question did a number on me. I could share how Briar told me the other day, “You make me happy, mama,” or when Sean has said, “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” But I hold the things that my family says to me in a different place than compliments. Perhaps I am overly sentimental, but I kind of think of the things we say to each other as promises, even though I suppose I am technically misusing the word. I think the nicest compliment I was ever given was in the fourth grade. It was the Christmas pageant, back before everything was “holiday” this or that. I had a music teacher, Mrs. Vandenberg, or Vanden-something. Because we were in Eugene the teachers often had student teachers from the University of Oregon (on a totally different thing, in sixth grade I learned what a boner was from a group of girls that were fantasizing about a strapping male student teacher working with our track coach, but typing this I realize you are probably getting the wrong idea, because it wasn’t like that. He did, however, say to all those Keds wearing snooty girls that tried to flirt with him, that he thought I was going to be something special). The student teacher for my music teacher was a tall attractive guy. As I took my place on the risers I was self-conscious about the dress I was wearing, being a tomboy, dresses were a punishment of sorts. Just as I was passing him he said, “Amanda, you look beautiful.” I think they could have turned off the lights in the gym and the heat from the surge of adrenaline and the blush on my cheeks would have been more than enough to illuminate the entire space. I have often wondered if he had any idea just how much of an impact those four simple words had on me.

5. What is your favorite memory of your grandfather?

Indulge me a made up word, and let me say that I am sharing what takes me back to him at his most twinklescent, because twinkle he surely did. He was a swimmer. I would watch him swim lap after lap, his rhythm never changing. Long arms would slice through the water and then those beautiful hands would come up in a gentle cup and windmill forward. The part of this ritual that brings everything from the scent of chlorine to the sound of his feet gently slapping against the patio is the image of him as he rinsed his snow white hair under a spigot. His body crouched in an athletic squat, his whole face would wrinkle up as he braced under a cascade of cold water. After, he would towel his hair off, stand and look around. I would wrap my arms around my knees and wait, when he’d meet my gaze he’d say, “How ’bout some graham crackers?” Oh, to be back at the pool with him once more.

Beck, thanks so much for taking me on this trip, I never thought I’d use the word “boner” in a story about a compliment. Anyone out there want to give this a whirl? If so let me know.