I just can’t begin the week with the vitriol reserved for neighbors and drunk drivers. No, I am taking a stand. I am going to be different. Positive. Sunny. Unabashedly happy. A chest thumping mama armed with a camera and an unrelenting pride in the perfection of her brood. Ah, but you are too wise, this is all simply code for: Picture Post!

Behold the magic of glass. In an uncharacteristic show of restraint I am withholding the photos wherein Avery morphs into Sloth of Goonies fame. And yes, that is unshowered me, mouth agape in the reflection.

And still she crawls. I am certain she is simply lulling us into a relaxed sense of security, so that when she does walk it’ll be a good five minutes before we gather our wits to chase her down.

My little pre-dawn companion. I exaggerate not a whit when I say this creature is happy in slumber and wakefulness.

She pierces my soul. I simply cannot remember life before Avery.

Have a happy day!