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I Confess

I think I am a very average mom. I do some things very well and others I don’t do at all. I am usually fine with this, but every so often I feel the need to apologize, or at least confess.

· I confess that my toddler only gets a bath every other day, if that.
· I confess that I have, more than once, just cleaned her from head to toe with wipes because it was just too late for a “real” bath
· I confess that we don’t have a night time routine, per-se.
· I confess that I have NO intention of taking my daughter’s pacifier away from her when she turns two.
· I confess that we sometimes eat at McDonalds and that C gets her own Happy Meal. (With fries, not apples.)
· I confess that I don’t mind sending C to daycare, and I fully plan on sending this next child as well, even if I don’t work full time. (Or even part time. HA!)
· I confess that if I have an unexpected day off I still send C to daycare and take a personal day for myself.
· I confess that sometimes I get out of work early, but I still pick C up at the appointed time. I relish that time alone.
· I confess that I don’t plan on sending C to preschool until she’s three. I think she’s getting everything she needs socially and educationally from her daycare.
· I confess that I sometimes lie to C about what I’m eating so that I won’t have to share with her.
· I confess that some evenings C’s bedtime is a little earlier than usual, because I just need it to be.
· I confess that I don’t use those plastic table liners and just put C’s food directly on restaurant tables.
· I confess that I never obsessed about giving C non bleached flour, or no processed sugar, or anything like that.
· I confess that a lot of what C eats for dinner comes out of the freezer.

I confess that I’m not the most obsessive, overbearing, over hovering mom. But I have to say when we sit at a restaurant and I watch my 22 month old daughter spoon feeding herself spaghetti, when she says “bless you” when someone sneezes, when she never forgets to say please and thank you, when she shows incredible compassion to people who are hurting or crying, basically when I see what a generally wonderful person she is becoming, well then I have to confess that I might be doing something right.

This was a guest post written by Rose at It’s My Life… in honor of this month’s blog exchange.

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