From the moment you wake up to the moment you ratchet your little butt up in the air to go down for the night, you have a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. Your laughter has exploded throughout every room of this house and seems to echo even as you sleep at night. You spring up from anything Briar throws, kicks or jabs your way. Lately your desire to talk to us has kept perfect time with an explosion of words, and though sometimes it takes us a moment or two, you have been patient with us. Thank you my sweetest little one.

You need to know that I’ve fallen magnificently in love with you. When I scoop you in my arms you curl your fingers around my shoulder and dig your legs into my waist. There are times when I think I might break. Before I go to bed each night I tip toe over and lean into your crib. I rest my hand on your back and breathe you in, half hoping you’ll wake so that I can talk to you.

You are my first thought in the morning and my last each night. I wake each day eager to watch you get up, as your face travels from serene to joyous. Mornings when I am away from you, I imagine your face, the shape of your eyes and your many dimples. I conjure up the smell of your skin and the feel of your face touching mine.

This morning I found something new about you. I was watching you sleep. Admiring the length of your body and the tender skin that I knew would be cool to my touch. My face hovering over you I noticed a freckle on your leg. It surprised me this little freckle, but what surprised me more was my delight to know you like this. To know your little body with its creases and folds, its soft edges and delicate layers. To know without question that this little freckle was not there yesterday.

I know this body. I know you. I see you.

I simply love you.