The wonderful Slouching Mom has tagged me for a meme.

The instructions are to write several statements beginning with “I am”; this, by the way, is not unlike one of the most widely used personality tests known as the “sentence completion” task. I’d recommend not drawing conclusions about personality on the basis of the sentence completion task, because as an assessment tool it is neither valid nor reliable. And with that I’d like to conclude today’s lecture on personality testing.

I am soothed by a well stocked cabinet of toilet paper.
(Soothed and delighted.)

I am an incurable cuticle biter.
(My own.)

I am unable to name more than 10 US Presidents or identify states that are not on the coasts of the US.
(I fear appearing as one of the stupid people on the street on Leno.)

I am intoxicated by the smell of the skin just beneath Sean’s hairline.
(Can you tell I was afraid “forehead” would be misread as…something else?)

I am one of those obnoxious people who believes that everyone can feel better by sweating.
(Exercise induced, not stuffy, train on a hot July day sweat.)

I am, and always have been, preoccupied with the untimely death of those I love. (This is strongest in times of joy.)

I am a believer in Santa and things that are meant to be finding a way to be.
(Life is too short not to.)

I am tagging Trina

I am done.