What can I say, we’ve been elbow deep in potting soil and blog guts. See, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it (snort) but I have this dazzlingly talented husband. He and I have been working away at freshening up my beloved Tumble Dry. I hope to have the changes up and working by the weekend. So between tweaking mastheads and fine tuning ads, I’ve neglected blogging.

I have so much to tell you. Avery is counting. Seriously, she’s counting. I was putting away groceries this morning after a pre-dawn, yes, pre-dawn, trip to the store, and as I put the milk in the fridge Avery said,


And then as I put the OJ in she said,


One, two. Waahn, doo. Oh my!

Did I mention Briar is now insisting on reading her books to us at night? I realize that she is really repeating by rote, but there are the little, blink and you’ll miss them inimitable switcharoos of a toddler:

“How will I ever sleep in this bed?”

“However I will sleep in this bed?”

And others that escape me right now.

That’s another thing, the whisper light grasp I have on memories. So many wonderful things happen each day, milestones or just touches, that by the new dawn have slipped away.

I’ll be back again soon, sharing how with each day I learn how exquisite the ache of loving these two incredible girls can be.