Beginning in the moment that we first hold our children in our arms we learn to imprint each moment. Firsts, seconds, unbelievables, and unforgettables.

A glimpse of the first tooth.
The whisper kiss of the first da da.
Tender bare feet taking wobbly steps.
Streaks of forbidden sweets from chin to hairline.
The whoosh of the sitter’s door closing on the first day back to work.
A trail of toilet paper three rooms long and then,“It just happen, mama.”
“Honey, you did the right thing,” through screamed time out protests.
A proffered bit of granola bar, soft and glistening with saliva.
A sleeping face bathed in moonlight on Christmas Eve.
Ringlets bouncing on a dewy neck after bath time.
“Mama can I do it?”

Chasing bubbles, feeding ducks and kissing shadows.

Posted for the Real Mom Truths contest. The winner will receive this amazing 4G iPod Nano and Chocolate gift set, plus a link to their post on True Mom Confessions on Mother’s Day.

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