I haven’t worked at a lot of places that have participated in the Secret Santa phenomenon. The few times that I have been assigned a person for whom I am to be a Secret Santa I have both loved and hated the experience. Memes are getting to be a bit like that. It’s great to be a part of something and they create a connectivity in the blogging community that can be incredibly rewarding. Yet the chances of really having a mutually satisfying exchange are slim, though nowhere near as disappointing as receiving a colonial themed tart warmer with dinged tarts in exchange for a crisp gift certificate to Williams Sonoma.

Mammacheryl from Red Pens & Diapers tagged me for the “8 Random Facts” meme. As with each tag, I find myself walking ever so slightly on air. I think the inclusion taps into the fifth grade Amanda who was picked by the boys to play on their team, but by the girls was never picked, just picked on.

So, while I sometimes worry that perhaps the people popping over here to Tumble Dry are not keen on reading the 15 things I most enjoy watching on tv or the 23 reasons I believe Cool Whip is a food group, I do the memes. I believe in this blogging community and I relish my place in it.

Besides, if you don’t want to read it, you can go check something else out, like say, the blog of a new friend of our family. Perhaps you’ve heard of him, he’s Jon of Jon’s Animals fame. He has included me on his site, so, if you feel like skipping 8 random facts about me, go see what Jon has to say.

Now on to the meme:

1. I can drink a 24 ounce bottle of water, sports drink or other uncarbonated beverage without taking a breath. And not only can I do it, I frequently do it. I love drinking, not sipping, but really just lifting a bottle or glass and downing it. I take great pride in the fact that Avery and Briar both take after me in this area.
Please can I have a drink of water? usually translates to
Daddy can you hold the water bottle while I suck it down until the bottle crackles and caves in on itself?

2. I love to vacuum.

3. I loathe babytalk in adults.

4. I love touching moss.

5. I would sign a bill outlawing perfume in the workplace.

6. I have on more than one occasion wanted to slap a checker and a bagger while standing in the check out at the grocery store. I would have done it very hard, too.

7. I believe that removing food from the drain in the sink may be the single most revolting task imaginable, and this is coming from someone who has helped a dog pass a shocking length of holiday ribbon.

8. I think it is acceptable to hang up the phone if someone calling you starts with, “Who’s this?”

That concludes today’s edition of Random Facts About Amanda. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you want a tag, shoot me an email at briars_mama at yahoo dot com and I’ll officially tag you.