I definitely missed a disclaimer when we bought Briar this shirt. See, I thought it was just a cute tom-boyish shirt. I had no idea it meant that I would have to deal with worms. Worms! Ew! I take back every blasphemous thing I’ve said against the princesses. I’ll practice kindness, demure servitude and never leave the house without lipgloss and baby kitteny goodness if I can just please never have to deal with another worm being thrust in my face.*

* I realize that to you moms of boys one worm is no big deal, but I ask you to think back to a time before you were indoctrinated into the world of penis discovery and then later bathtime penis grabbing. Understand for those of less familiar with little tiny penises, worms are awful little things. Let’s play nice until we really need to lean on each other as our kids hit puberty.