I have no idea what possessed us to do it. My god, a house. Like we don’t have enough to manage with a dog, a cat, 2 pigs, a cow, a goat —sorry, that’s Duck on a Bike. We have a dog, a cat, 2 girls, a yard, a business, full time jobs, and gigs on the side.

The house we live in now is well over 100 years old. The walls need painting, the carpet needs washing, the yard needs tending and the bathrooms, well they need a total overhaul. Sean spent the better part of last weekend building stairs for the porches. Soon he’ll be passing the hours of this weekend continuing the project.

Another house. Good grief. I always wrinkled my nose at the people who did this, buying a second home la dee da. I have to say though, despite my reservations of maintaining another house, it really is cute. I always wanted an eat in kitchen. And real working shutters. It has a window that lets you work in the kitchen and talk to someone on the porch, just like the house I grew up in.

I feel weird telling people about it, but the thing is we were able to afford it. And the girls love it. It’s a real investment in them, in their happiness and in their futures. So, a few extra curtains here, some chairs there, and voila, second home owners.

Check it out:

We’ll leave a light on for you.