My sweet, sweet girls.
You want to know what makes me a mama? What makes me your mama? Climb up here and let me hold you while I tell you how I got to be your mom. First I’m going to whisper a secret:

I’ve always been your mom.

Even before you were growing inside of my belly, I was your mama. I started getting ready for you when I was a little girl. I practiced playing in the dirt and finding faeries in the garden so I could show you how to do it. I learned about swinging on the bars and skipping rocks in rivers so we’d have fun things to do. I figured out how to do cartwheels and blow spit bubbles. I promised myself that I would always stay a little girl so that I wouldn’t forget how to have fun.

Later, when I got a little older and got to go to school, I studied very hard so that I could teach you and answer your questions. I made mistakes and sometimes got in trouble. I played sports and discovered that I hate soccer. It’s ok if you like soccer, because when I looked for your daddy, I made sure I found someone who could fill in my holes. Daddy loves soccer and tomatoes. He doesn’t mind touching bugs and he can sing. Yes, I know I can sing too, but one day you’ll learn that there are different kinds of singing. When we get to that point we’ll start talking, maybe singing a little less.

After school I did lots of things. I met famous people, I went to faraway places. I made more mistakes and had different jobs. All of the things were one big road leading me to you. Now, with the two of you in my lap, my favorite thing in the world is being your mom. I try very hard to be the best that I can, and sometimes when I’m not doing a great job you remind me. Like when you tell me, “Mommy, we don’t say damnit.” You both are so very smart that you teach me every day about what being a mom should.

Being your mama is very easy because I love you more than anyone else in the world, I always have, and I always will.

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