A while back, in the midst of a plumbing nightmare that I shan’t link back to since I doubt you want to relive it anymore than I do, I received a comment on this blog. It was short and appropriate and something in its tone and the words its author chose, made me respond as if an old friend had called. What makes the whole thing that much sweeter is, ain’t no old friend gonna be calling me. But I suppose that is for another post.
Today it’s about a special person, Jenn, who, between her rabid fanaticism for a certain sports team and her tender posts about the richness of being a mom and losses she has suffered, has made me care for her in a short, short time.

So, with that heady intro, I’ll dive straight into the 8 random things and or habits about me meme she tagged me for several days ago.

1. I abhor the sound of cotton being pulled apart. The mere thought has me involuntarily arching my back and cringing, toes curled to the point of cramping.

2. No matter how much money is in our account or how low our balance is on a credit card, I always brace for my cards to be rejected. Always. I have had more than one clerk look at me trying to determine if I might be having a little mini stroke.

3. Coffee is my crack. Period. I love it. Mix in a rainy morning, sleeping house and a full bottle of sugar free vanilla flavored CoffeeMate and I am, as they say, happier’n a pig in shit.

4. If I could I would bathe 4 times a day. I’d change the sheets daily, to boot. Fresh socks halfway through the day? Sure!

5. When baggers at the store put the onions in with the fruit even after I have politely asked them in advance not to, I struggle mightily to not smack them again and again while saying, “Fruit should not taste like an onion. And, no, I don’t want the milk in a bag. Ever!”

6. While we’re on it, I feel mildy violated when checkers and baggers fondle an item I am buying. You know, they turn it around and around, read the label, and then either ask about it, or turn to a co-worker, proffering the item and asking in a whisper-shout if they’ve ever seen or tasted it before. An answer I gave in another #6 in a different meme suggests a trend. Beware baggers and checkers.

7. I took a listening course in college. We were assigned a series of papers that involved interviewing people on campus. I couldn’t bring myself to approach strangers so I wrote stories about fictional encounters, but presented them as genuine. The prof read them aloud in class as examples for the class. I am at once proud and ashamed of this.

8. I want to have another baby.

Now I am supposed to tag 8 other people. Unfortunately I have no idea who else has been tagged, so instead I’ll share 8 blogs I love.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Trina because she sent me a thank you note when I should have been the one sending one, but I don’t. Inside the note she took it a step further and told us people said that Sean and I were a great looking couple. And not just people, 22 year olds.

2. For wrinkly cargo shorts and vacationy dresses, DamselFly, my sartorial escape.

3. Trish, because she’s just started her blog, and I think that’s awesome.

4. And for exquisite writing and coveted wisdom, WordGirl. Thank you.

5. Sarah with an ‘h’, because she is always there and she phrases things in ways that nourish me.

6. Simply my idol.

7. Kelly, because we almost met once.

8. And because you gotta love a woman who let’s her kid do it herself, Colleen.