Mine’s a 34 year old smile.

Yup, it’s my birthday. The sky is a brilliant blue, storybook clouds peppered overhead, a musical breeze pokes its head through my window and the air is already hinting at the advent of autumn, a gentle crackle of new beginnings tickles my ear. It is a truly splendid day.

The girls serenaded me this morning, Sean began lavishing me with attention beginning last night when he came home with beautiful, almost too beautiful to use in fact, mugs and bowls. The girls frolicked in the tissue and bag while I reverently ran my fingers along the grooves in the pale blue bowl.

Last night we slept beneath the quilt my mom sent, cheerful and bright with brilliant, multi-patterned squares, each with a pinwheel shape within. It was divine, and this morning I spent 30 minutes on top of the quilt, lazing in that syrupy place between sleeping and waking.

We have no plans, the gift today is a feeling of genuine gratitude for time. A walk with the girls, sharing the wonder of a patch of moss or a cardinal perched nearby. Falling asleep, my head on a soft jersey pillow case, my body wrapped in Sean’s arms and waking to the rustle of leaves outside our window and the promise of hot coffee downstairs.

From the bottom of my heart, my gift is my wonderful life.