Totally trite, but here it is: You never know what you have until it’s gone.

We were lucky, we had exquisite interludes of total lucidity. We knew that the friendship was special. Two people came into our lives and we adored them, still do, but one has left. He loved our girls with an authenticity and trueness of heart that was rare in today’s world. The girls loved him back and his absence, from the anticipation to the reality, has created an ache. Witnessing our girls and their confusion a we explain that he won’t be back tonight is heartbreaking. Luckily, our girls have Sean’s memory and already they remember him. The guy and Kee! Kee! is spoken of often. These pictures are pawed with delight.

I am having trouble shaking this image and the sound of Briar’s voice asking where he was going and if we could cheer him up again.

He wrote yesterday and this is what he said:

Landed in Denver and already ensconced in Boulderado beginning my new life in paradise. Right after a nap.

It brought back the laughter, the twang and the reassurance of a friend for all times. Today I’m smiling thinking about a friend finding paradise after a nap.