Someone left a comment on my other blog yesterday and it seemed to jump through the screen at me. Abs, my sister. She is in Seattle, a place that has always been magical to me, from my first time in the city bumping into Paul Newman (literally, oh, the gangly, teenage horror) on the steep sidewalk outside of the Inn at The Market, to the countless trips with Mom to scout the finds at The Rack.

Now, when I think of it, I am reminded of the scene from Sleepless in Seattle, Tom Hanks showing his son just how far away Seattle was on the map. The Adirondacks to the Pacific Northwest is a long way indeed. Knowing Abs is down makes it even harder. So, as I find myself unable to move forward without trying to somehow remedy the situation, I hatched a plan.

This plan requires me to step forward and admit something of which I am not very proud. Abbie and I are very different, always have been, but there is one area in which we have almost always been in synch and that is in our profound appreciation for cheesey humor and 80’s movies. Realizing that it was improbable that I post Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in its entirety, I settled on the next best thing. Here’s hoping it elicits the gasping laughter and shameless snorting it once did.

I love you Abba-dabba-doodler.