The part 2 to yesterday’s post, was to be about another party.
Another parade of children and parents bearing casseroles and gift bags, bound for yet another party to which we were not invited. I’ll not spend another minute fretting in this space, no more My So Called Life: The Parenting Years. I am resolving to focus on the good, if they have their wits about them, the rest of the ‘hood will catch on, if not, screw ’em.

We are a family.

A mom and a dad. A husband and a wife. Friends.

Two sisters. Scrapping playmates. Friends.




And always, friends.

Thanks to everyone who left comments making us feel like the most popular kids on the block. We are just fine, better than fine. Too busy building forts and castles and facing down storms armed with diapers and magic capes to worry about a little, old popularity contest. Besides, we have a party to plan. Briar will be three on the 16th of September and I do believe it’s going to be a doozey.

Here’s to friendship and the many forms it takes.