You make me so happy.

We each have our own way of saying it, I’m happy.

Briar is literal, her whole body lighting up and unmistakably radiating joy as she exclaims, “You make me so happy, mama.” Avery is a wave, rushing forward and then cresting over you so that you are enveloped in the sheer lightness of her spirit, untroubled and merry. Sean and I are different, he tends to experience moments of joy quietly, leaning in a doorway watching us, a tender smile and glistening eyes. Sometimes he’ll whisper an “I love you” to me, or whisk the girls to a sofa to strum his guitar, singing first, songs that they know, and then later songs that are dear to us as a couple. Quiet, but oh, so very clear. I am more like a butterfly, flitting to and fro, alighting upon a shoulder here, a finger there, constant motion, each movement intended as a proclamation, “You all make me so happy.”

This weekend, while it had its hiccups and sore joints, gave us each piercing moments of happy.