Been paying attention to these girls, marveling at the get-up-and-go attitude. Dust off a dirty bottom, shake off a fat lip, blithely abandon spilled milk. They are on to something, and, in the interest of being the best mom I can to them, I am reaching. Reaching for a dream. Taking, as a dear friend of mine would say, a leap of faith.

I am shrugging off doubt, swatting away distractions, and abandoning all else but pursuing that for which my heart is meant. Thanks to Mrs. Chicken, for friendship and encouragement, Sean for help with the distractions and always believing that I could, and to our girls, my muses and my purpose, I promise I won’t ever stop reaching.

Mama’s got some writing to do. She’ll still be here, writing, but another story needs telling and a dream needs catching.

I’m off. Go chase yours too, won’t you?