For four years we’ve lived in this house, taking it from neglected and dated, to energy star approved and aesthetically enhanced. We ran the cable for the wiring, stuffed insulation in walls, hung drywall and valiantly tried to tape and mud ourselves. We repainted and reroofed, resided and replaned. We have landscaped and laid stone for a patio. We’ve installed babygates and all other manner of baby protective-type gear throughout the house. It has been our sole mission to provide a safe and wonderful environment for ourselves and our girls.

The only thing that has been damnably out of our control has been the driving around our neighborhood. Day after day the same jack asses run the stop sign, staring back at our condemning gazes defiantly, often hitting the gas and smiling as they speed through our toddler populated neighborhood. The same jerks drive drunk and use our street as a cut-through.

No one ever gets pulled over. Ever.

Until today.

And all I can say is, It’s about fucking time GFPD!