I’ve been quiet these past few days, a combination of pregnancy induced fatigue and family inspired bliss. My mom and sister are visiting and accomplishing day after day of dizzying, thrill-them-like-it’s-Christmas-morning memory making with the girls. I’ve tried to ease back and simply take it in, but it’s been hard not to get down into the thick of it. Just shy of a week here, and I am only just now really relaxing, but I wouldn’t change a minute of it. Between my mom and sister, and the memories they bring of my childhood as half of a sister duo, and my own family of Sean and the girls, I feel as if golden threads are being woven in my soul, healing old wounds and providing a protective veil for whatever may come. A strength is raditaing from the inside out and as I look around I am keenly aware and staggeringly grateful for the blessings in my life.