Morning came early with a declarative, “It’s morning time, let’s go,” ringing from Briar’s room before 7, while Sean was trying to put the dog outside to prevent her whining from waking the entire house.

“Mo-nink. Mo-nink.”

“Hey Avery! It’s morning time. You up? Good girl!”

“Uh guh-girl. A-ree, guh girl.”

“Morning time for going into mom and dad’s room.” And then the footsteps, first little, three year old paddle feet, then 30+ year old, sleepy feet. I cringed as I waited for the banging of baby doll against crib and toddler exclaims to hit Sean’s ears, sealing his fate as up for the day.

“What? Everybody’s up?” He asked, defeat and delight mixing, with delight quickly eclipsing the rest as Briar leapt into his arms.

“Yup, we are up daddy, we are.”

So that’s how we started. When I came downstairs, I saw this and it moved me.

I’d purchased twig wreaths and dried flowers at GardenWorks last weekend intending to make our fall/winter decorations. Holding on to that exquisite and unexpected bit of sunlight, I set about creating our wreaths. I am obnoxiously proud to have not bought them at Target.

Outside each window is an explosion of color, and with the weather still aptly described as balmy, I think we’ll go harvest leaves today.

Here’s hoping the day brings you a dose of inspiration.