Every so often we run completely out of food and as I glare in the cupboards willing a box of Annie’s macaroni and cheese to appear I see it.



I don’t know where the hell this thing comes from. I could swear that I’ve thrown it away seven times, and yet every time the cupboards are bare, Ole sauerkraut comes a calling.

Other irrefutable truths that remain constant during times of famine at Chez Magee –

There will be asparagus with rotten tips in the crisper.

There will be no less than two entire jars of pickles in the fridge.

There will be partially opened string cheese with hardened edges curling in the lunch meat drawer.

There will be vegan frozen entrees in the freezer.

I will be ravenous.

I’m off to the store, anyone need canned sauerkraut?