Ok, I realize I can be a tad insufferable with the gushing about Sean ad nauseum, but what can I say? I love the guy and he’s great, like really, really great. He’s performing with the other members of Trampoline at a Media Night this Friday to benefit Feet First, an organization dedicated to making sure that all kids have the shoes they need. A local paper contacted Trampoline and said they needed a photo.

Raeanne, guitar and vocals
Derek, tambourine and vocals
Trina vocals and bad-ass-diva-hair
Sean, guitar and vocals

Photo by John W. Yost, filmmaker, photographer and all around cool guy…he also happens to be married to Raeanne.

I ache to be that cool. Sigh, if I were in the shot it would say:

Amanda, groupie and dropper of loud, clanging objects and exclaimer of stage whisper expletives during performance while standing backstage

Anyone wanna come sit with me, maybe keep me from making an ass of myself?