Ahem, a tad more advice? Please?

While not yet in the nesting phase, I am definitely in the super-ambitious, want to make everything better, oh-my-holy-god-we-are-going-to-have-three-of-them stage. I am coming up with new projects faster than I can suggest them to Sean.

Swap out the bathroom light fixture
Fashion a shelf in the bathroom
Carpet the closet floors
Paint the plant tents
Repaint/Seal the porch railings*
Paint the bedrooms
Repaint the trim
Remove the wallpaper in the addition
Fix the ceiling*
Finish the trim in the bathroom
Touch up the molding in the bathroom*
Replace kitchen sink

In defense of what could potentially look like a high-maintenance me, please note that Sean has added to the list himself: Re-Do the entire kitchen/dining room area

*All because of the sleazy roofers who botched everything they touched resulting in four fun filled years of, “Oooh, what’s leaking/rotting/breaking now?”

Most of the things on my list he’d rather I not do, so I am focused on the one project I can push for because we agree that it is necessary that it happen before the baby arrives (April, if you are wondering). Here’s where I need your help again. Wondering over here, we’ll soon be moving the girls from their current rooms into a larger room that they will share. There are details still to be ironed out, like How the hell we’ll manage the transfer of our unwieldy clothes storage situation and buying the girls new beds, but let’s put that aside for now and take advantage of the vast wealth of mama wisdom out there.

In theory the girls will thrive together, each night they plead and negotiate that we do our bedtime rituals together. They run to and from each other’s rooms. They ask to sleep together. So it should work, right? Seems to me that the one thing I have learned in these three years of being a mom:

When it comes to sleep, nothing makes sense.

So my question: Are they going to flip? Are there things we can do to prep? Suggestions you have?

Added incentive to offer advice: I’d be happy to send you the name of our “roofer” for future practical jokes you might like to pull on anyone that you’re looking to really punish.