I worked from home today, sending out emails, returning phone calls and drafting copy to use in promoting events in the coming months. Between hitting send and staring blankly at the screen waiting for the perfect word to come to me, I read Elmo books, of course we skipped to the Cookie Monster pages, and fashioning crowns and jewels upon princess heads. I also became keenly aware of which Barbies have knees that bend and which simply eke by with bust lines meriting their own zip codes and feet too small to stand upon (thank goodness we finally bought a prince so the poor lasses have someone to lean on…rolling my eyes and wondering when the heck I fell into the unconquerable Disney Princess vortex).

We spent my lunch hour at the park swinging and sliding with Papa and Daddy. I spent a great deal of time endeavoring not to become covered with muddy dog prints from our deliriously happy dog (I failed). The afternoon and evening proved to be as magical as the early half of the day, with hula hoop hysteria by way of an “if-only-his-staff-could-see-him-now,” arts administrator, Papa swinging electronic hula hoops on his arm while making the sounds one makes when willing to do anything to elicit laughter form little girls.

Setting my laptop on my legs I was excited to regale you all with poignant stories of reunions and healing, but the reality is for the first time I may be without words, or perhaps I ‘m just not ready to share yet. And so it is that I’ll give special thanks to Oh, The Joys and Momma Bean for bestowing upon me two awards that allow me to pause before sharing and simply spread a little love around our community.

First, Oh, The Joys, a site that consistently makes me nod in agreement, snort with wicked delight or furrow my brow and wince, so accessible are the emotions she shares in her witty, wise and naughty posts. She gae me a little award called the “Blogging that hits the mark” award.

I realize I have become totally predictable, but once again I am going to tip my hat to Nutmeg. She is my go-to blog. She’s smart, sincere, and authentic. I love shocking dish as much as the next person, but Nutmeg peddles a different brand of scandalous – she thumbs her nose at convention. She write rhapsodically about life with her four children and love with her wonderful husband. She has her days, frustrated and short, generally Nathan pops in and leaves a comment that makes her readers gooey, and her photos? Simply spectacular. So, her blog hits the mark for me. You should check her out, prepare for addiciton.

Next, Momma Bean gave me an Excellent Blog award. This is a woman who has time and again left comments on Tumble Dry that have made me melt. And her twins? Her beans? Ay yai yai, too cute.

I am passing this on to Karla at Untangling Knots. When I started reading her blog I spent most of my time tearing up, more than a year has passed and I still tear up, but now, instead of aching for the losses she has suffered, I revel in her now. She is an amazing mother and sometimes, as I read the chronicles of her life with Mark and Nate, I desperatley wish for her life to become a reality series. Absolutely hysterical, happy, happy tears and clutch-my-belly laughter. Go, now, visit her.

And now I’m off to sip a cup of tea and reminisce about the day.

Nutmeg – Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for today.