I’ve been called a bit of a health nut, I prefer to think of it as well informed and using the knowledge to my advantage. Our family eats healthy, this is not to say that we don’t eat “junk food,” but it’s all in your perspective. We buy organic foods, no trans fats, no hfcs, no super fatty or super salty foods. Our snacks run the gamut from pita chips and humus or tortilla chips and fresh salsa, to fresh fruit and cheese or nuts and crackers. Our treats are cookies or frozen goodies, but again, purchased with their processing, or lack thereof, in mind. I work hard to make sure the girls have more than light colored blobs of pastsa or mountainous amounts of ketchup on their plates. They still have macaroni and cheese, but they also have asparagus and hearty, simmered-on-the-stove-all-day-chock-full-of-veggies-stew.

Why the food sermon? Call it guilt.

We’ve been sick. My ability to do anything to truly soothe the girls has felt non-existent, so yeah, I did it.

I just sat ’em in front of Noggin and let them eat 3 popsicles each.

I’m contemplating giving them a fourth.

Wanna make something of it?