Thirty days of daily posts, or perhaps more appropriately, thirty days of just-shy-of-midnight posts. I only really mentioned it a few times, but my posting this month was part of something called NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month. I’d been struggling to find time for writing and thought that this commitment would be a way to get me back in the saddle. It was definitely a great sort of boot camp to get me conditioned to writing daily again.

My commitment didn’t necessarily translate to passion or inspiration. I do think my posts suffered, I often said things to Sean like, “I just have to throw a post up before bed” and “I have to write something.” Sitting here in a post What Not to Wear glow, I am relieved. Tomorrow there will be no requirement to post, no threat of failure if the laptop goes unused. It’s liberating, but it’s also inspiring, it feels as if I am getting something back tomorrow, a privilege. My freedom. Back to greater consideration, longer savoring of words in my head before sending them off into the world, and hopefully, more posts that create a connection between us, a shared experience, mine perhaps echoing your own or illuminating one about which you’ve often wondered.

I am grateful for NaBloPoMo and equally grateful to be bidding it good night.


A theme I think you’ll be reading a lot of in the coming months: Operation: Sisters Share a Bedroom. We’ve given it two soft tries and it ain’t looking good, not good at all. Avery is unapologetically weirded out by the idea of being out of her crib and Briar is delighted by the prospect of having Avery in with her. Unfortunately, both times, after 10 minutes Avery is trying to get out of bed and Briar is howling mournfully that she needs us, that her sister isn’t behaving. Nursing, cuddling, singing, reading, stern go-to-sleeps, all to no avail.

I don’t know how to make it work, but am not giving up after two tries. We are officially taking advice from veterans of the siblings sharing a room trenches. Don’t be shy, how’d you do it?