We did it. We survived a cross country flight with two toddlers, a neurotic pregnant woman and a tense traveling husband/dad. Here, in all its photographic detail, the first 24 hours:

iPod, Stickers and mommy-in-the-middle.

Snow angels in Vegas.

What can I say, you can take the kids out of the Adirondacks,
but you can’t take the Adirondacks out of the kids.

Inverse discipline with a side of reverse psy-I’m-begging-you-cology.

Thank god for boobs and earphones.

Catching up with sis.

Eating out with family aka playing
keep the knives, water and open flame out of toddlers’ hands.

Being grateful not to be on a plane.

Getting to know the “wet” in Pacific Northwet.

Inimitable and irresistible Seattle.

Waking up in a new place, but feeling at home.