I’d really been relishing the still, rolling the tangy excitement of suspense around in my mouth and luxuriating in toe curling “What will happen if I take this road?” and “What might be waiting down this path?” kind of wondering. It felt good to have opportunity sprouting up around me, but I can only be entertained with that kind of sitting on my hands type daydreaming for so long. Things are poised to change, and that is wonderful, but life mustn’t stop while the future takes it sweet time making itself known.

So, what’s a pregnant, working multiple jobs, married to a small business owner and mother of two to do?

Why tear down more walls of course!

Yup, we done ripped out the wall between our kitchen and dining room, and in doing so, discovered an impossibly dizzying number of possibilities.

It was incredible to be able to help Sean, thanks to the wondrous presence of our Girl Friday, Trina. (You should go read her stuff and tell her what a wanker the dude who stood her up is. Seriously.) She played with our girls behind a closed door, the sound of their exuberant squeals of delight the perfect soundtrack, as we worked laboriously, and remarkably without incident, to remove the industriously screwed, nailed and wedged in cabinets.

There is much planning and plotting and daydreaming to be done, though in this case, the dust management and the creative repurposing of closets and shelves to take the place of now absent cabinets, make hand-sitting an impossibility. Now, if I could only get Sean to be as willing to theoretically play out the different options as he is to do the heavy lifting that makes having options possible.