Ok, not really. These were all really taken with a cute little Canon with image stabilization, which is handy, but not foolproof, or Amanda-proof, as it were.

This post is a snapshot, a handful really, of how we spent the weekend and why, Bettejo, I opened the door to letting Sean determine what was for dinner last night.

Some of you may remember this, a sweet memory made one afternoon in our dining room.

Not long after, yet totally unrelated, came this.

We’d have had the girls pull their weight, but you know, their arms get tired so quickly…

And so it was that Saturday morning, what was quite possibly the coldest day of the season thus far, Sean set about deconstructing in the interest of at long last claiming a central room in our home. I was remanded to the back room, “What I need you to do is be with those girls, enjoy the time,”.

“But I want to help, can’t I just do–” he shot me a look and said, “Would you let the girls tear around in here?” I shook my head, “Of course not.” He gave me a gentle look, nodded at my belly and said softly, “So don’t let her, ok?” I conceded defeat with delight (plaster dust sucks…and blows and sticks and is just generally nasty!)

The room got dustier, the air got colder, and eventually the wet blankets that I hung in the doorways to catch the plaster dust became so frozen that they could be held on end and extend several feet without bending.

After the lath and plaster came the built in, also known as the nailed-glued-stapled-and-nearly-impenetrably-built-in built-in, which we’d been hesitant to yank, but once it was gone we breathed a dusty sigh of relief.

Then came the assessment of the anything but consistent studs, 12″, 9″, 14″, 7″.

An open door to allow for ventilation, also handy for food preservation as the temps dipped far, far below 32 degrees.

Despite the messiness of the job, Sean is a very tidy worker.

Oh, yeah, he’s also fast, amazing and pretty easy on the eyes.

So, yeah, two days and four walls later, I offered him dinner. He earned it.

I love you baby, thank you for taking such good care of us.