No surprise here, I never made it to Pearl for the contacts. Nor did I make it to the store for dishwasher detergent, stain remover, dog food, or juice.

Luckily I just used the wok, the cover of which, serves as a very effective shield for unwashed dishes in the sink, strategic dressing eliminated the need for liberal application of stain remover, the dog likes pizza, and, despite my thinking we were out of juice, just the other day I bought 6 jugs.

Somehow, through my increasing (how is that even possible) pregnancy induced absent-mindedness, I managed to remember the can of unfrozen juice concentrate I bought “just in case.” After making that I opened the cabinet to find 5 very full jugs of much better than concentrate juice. We went from no juice to oh-my-god-will-you-please-drink-some-more-juice in a matter of minutes.

I can tell you are riveted by this post.

I wore my glasses today and it was through them, thanks to the magic of these two girls of mine, that I laughed the purest of laughs as we sat in the thick afternoon sunlight eating yogurt and making faces.

Briar of course refrained from the yogurt as mask activity, not wanting to sully her dress, and finding entirely too much delight in the egging on of her sister.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode where we find our heroine fashioning a meal from 9 spaghetti noodles, a jar of pickles and Apple Cheerios through still squinty, bloodshot eyes.