Our sweets, dreaming, together. That’s right, we’ve done it.

Two girls.
One room.
One bedtime.
Two nights running.

Now, I’d be lying if I didn’t say there were a few episodes of hysterics last night, but all things considered (Read: Your many altruistic comments offering insight, empathy and condolences, as well as your own tales of shared bedrooms) it really wasn’t all that painful for anyone.

Not that I am a proponent of bribing, though it has its places –

the check out at the grocery store
the home office during an important call
immediately following the dropping of an f-bomb or other unsuitable-for-use-by-a-toddler- type language
and when you have to change course, delaying a promise

Might I suggest for any of you parents considering a merging of rooms the purchase of the princess light at Lowe’s, the privilege of turning it off will have them eating out of your hand. Admittedly this might be a tougher sell if the new co-habitants are boys, it worked royally well for our girls.

We came downstairs rather proud of ourselves and with cheshire cat grins plopped on the sofa to watch something on tv uninterrupted by staggered bedtimes. As luck would have it, there was NOTHING on tv. Sigh. Luckily we can hear the echo of Briar standing in the doorway of her room saying, “This is my room. And this is Avery’s room, too.”

A prime time indeed.