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A Tentative Update and Forceful Thanks

Posted on December 28, 2008

This will be brief as I don’t want to muddy anything with emotional meandering. Your thanks, via your comments, emails and attendance surpassed anything I had imagined might happen when I pressed publish. Eight days have passed and while we hear utterings like, “out of the woods” and “recovery,” there is still worry. Dennis—dad, husband, son, uncle, friend, has been hearing your comments and, as I am told by his daughter Erin, has smiled at the notion of a post about him. The idea of that smile and of something other than the color of the walls and the sterility of the environment to talk about, makes me feel as if together we accomplished something. As for concrete things to update, Dennis was extubated…

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Posted on December 23, 2008

I haven’t been posting pictures since my camera bit the dust, but rest assured that if I did, and if they were photos of me, what you would see would be a deliriously infatuated me, mooning over my girls. After a winter into spring that saw me finding the job of my dreams (twice), then a spring into summer that had me delivering Fin and working on my book, and then a summer into fall that led to a heartbreak involving losing a job and peaking with a recent forsaking of our sitter, it would seem that Christmas has brought me a renewed wonder and profound appreciation for my place in the world. The girls are my universe; spinning, twinkling and coloring my every…

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On the subject of blessings

Posted on December 21, 2008

When last I posted I was bitching. Now it’s a few days later, a few feet of fallen snow and a whole new perspective. A few days ago Maggie wrote a post, today I went and visited the reason for her post. We do these things: we dedicate posts, we leave comments, we visit. I am not sure that when I do things like write about sweet Serenity, that they actually make things better, but they give me a sense of having used what I have to help. Today I am writing because in this time of blessings and family I find myself struggling to figure out how to help. I think you hold the key, you there reading this post, maybe waiting for…

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Cracked Bucket

Posted on December 17, 2008

So my digital camera and my crock pot have both sh*t the bed. Same day. We’ll be enjoying blurry pictures over our last riberrific crock-potted dinner. As a way of honoring the passing of the pot-o-easy-dinners-I-forgot-I-made-until-I-came-home-and-smelled-their-all-done-goodness and the blurry death bleats of my little Canon a little spirit of Scrooge photo narrative. T’was letter writing to Santa night and I thought I’d snap some pics. Sean helped the girls pen the letters, it all seemed innocent enough with Dad and the girls gathered ’round the table. Sweet updates on behavior and modest lists on construction paper, signed by the girls in blue and pink. Then came each of their names, cut with crafty scissors from extra sheets of colored paper, artfully arranged on the…

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It’s in the grin

Posted on December 16, 2008

During a day spent at home with mom tending to a four year old with pink eye and a 2 and half year old with eyes green with attention envy, a wee 8 month old baby might feel she had drawn the short end of the stick. Might even get into trouble, but with a grin like Fin’s there is just no mess big enough to make a scolding stick. Behold one of many, “Hey, I cold use some attention, but if it’s asking to much, I can occupy myself just fine.”

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