It’s a simple word, really. A chance to delay, a fresh start, the next thing. What I forget sometimes is that it isn’t a promise. Today I have. Today I am here, but tomorrow, that’s not yet mine. It’s funny because I spend so much of my time dreaming about tomorrow, fretting about it, and yet I rarely worry whether it will come or whether I will be there to meet it.

Whymommy has got a big day tomorrow. Today I am writing for her. Susan, who graciously shared her name with us, after she invited us into her life, is having surgery, a double mastectomy, to be exact.

She has two children, an adoring husband and brilliant mind. I am thinking of her as I type this, remembering the emotions I have felt as I’ve read her words and the ferocity with which I have lived when considering being in her shoes. You can put a fuzzy lens on it, but the truth is she has been in the fight of her life while raising two exquisitely gorgeous little creatures and coming to terms with an inability to do it all.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve clicked over to her blog in fear that she wouldn’t be there, that a guest would be posting in her name, but each day she has come. Weary and blue at times, but more often than not she has been an unwavering light forcing its way into every corner. Susan has changed the world, beating this beast of a disease back for more tomorrows then it ever thought she’d get.

Tomorrow there will be so many of us standing once again in awe of her courage and strength. Tomorrow, as I have done today and on so many yesterdays, I will pray that Whymommy get all of the tomorrows she so richly deserves.