Apologies to the Gingers of the world.

And further apologies to all those people who think that because we have daughters with names beginning with “a” and “b” that our next should have a name beginning with a “c.”

It ain’t gonna happen.

So far she won’t be called:

Claire – makes me think of Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club
Chloe – already taken by someone I know
Cleo – makes me think of the strung out sister from ER
Cressida – not sure why, just too much name I think
Calla – just can’t seem to fully embrace it

Nor will she be called:

Ginger – too inviting of male fantasies
Laurel – too reminiscent of the comedian
Elysium – too many syllables
Clover – too well suited for a pony

And these too have fallen to the wayside:

Sydney – we think this was on a recent tv show
Evan – loved it in ’04, not so much now
Pansy – my desire for a flower or spice name is trumped by my desire to not paint our kid into a she-must-be-cheerful-with-a-name-like-that-corner
Poppy – not fair, see above

Names we aren’t ready to say no to…

I’m not quite ready to share, but I will say we have candidates beginning with:


And the “v” name isn’t Vanna, despite the way the end of this post resembled the final round of Wheel of Fortune.