Excuse me, you there in the brown shorts, could I have a moment?

And you, over there bounding from the white truck, can you spare a minute?

I know you are in a real hurry, or at least it would appear that way from the way you leave the ass end of your rides oh, I don’t know, blocking the entire lane and then some, despite an abundance of on street parking. And the thing is, as I’ve been navigating the streets of our growing little city and I’ve encountered your trucks time and again, I realize something. Even though you bolt from your trucks and sprint around front, you never come back quickly. Never. You stroll, nay, amble, saunter even, back to the truck and then you, well, it would appear you sit, tune the radio, pick your finger nails, return some phone calls and finish up the Sunday crossword before you abruptly re-enter traffic regardless of right away.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking…umm, how can I say this? Oh, I know!