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Legend has it…

Posted on April 26, 2008

Local legend has it that dinner and an IPA at Davidson’s will send a woman into labor. So, after two days of walking two and from work, repeated trips to the park, foolhardy leaps from swing sets, the odd skipping jaunt down the street, we hied ourselves to the proverbial fountain of labor. Neither a fan of beer nor a person truly comfortable with drinking while pregnant, I scanned the menu and tried the next best thing – Spiciness. Buffalo Chicken in a Jalapeno Cheddar Wrap. My meal was complemented by the kind of laughter that only comes along once in a great while. I had commented on the bold shade of red that a guy in the restaurant was wearing, Sean quickly pointed…

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Posted on April 25, 2008

Yesterday, through the morning and afternoon, contractions hummed through my body. Jolts of pain swirling with delicious anticipation, like the clickety-clack of a car making its way up the roller coaster rise, each thump a rung closer to the top, to that moment when the vista becomes wider than it seems possible, your senses are heightened and you prepare for the exhilaration, the whoosh of air, wind and sun upon you as never before. The keyboard before me filled with words – a press release, a blog entry, an email response. A daughter. The pressure came again and I was reminded of her, the swell of my belly reaching beyond my lap and resting upon the nubby blue cushion. My hands slipped down and…

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I’ll always catch you

Posted on April 24, 2008

I walked behind the wagon. Sean pulled the girls, Briar sitting in front and facing me, Avery craning her neck to watch me. The sky overheard taunted us with threats of rain, but we were undeterred, the girls wanted to swing. We arrived at the park and the girls scampered out of the wagon to run to touch the bright, shiny structures. “Swings, mama, swings. A slide. Daddy a a slide. It’s BLUE!” “A slide. A swing. A-ree runnin’, mama!” We took turns shepherding the girls through the park, standing closer as they scaled the various rock climbing pieces and stepping back as they confidently darted across bridges and stairs. The balance was there, the girls aware we were there, but feeling unfettered. Briar…

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You came for a baby. I gave you a tub.

Posted on April 23, 2008

Ok, so Lloyd Dobler totally had the better line… “I told her I loved her. She gave me a pen.” But I’m trying. I know you are clicking over, hoping to see the post that introduces the little girl I let you know about so many months ago. She isn’t here yet. I mean she is, oh but she so *is* here, her feet and knees brushing against my insides, her hips and her insistent rump press against my belly, always in a very cockeyed way, alternately entertaining and grossing me out. I apologize, but can I tell you that the next best thing is here? We have a tub. And a shower. We can’t use them, but they are here and that fact…

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