There is a little bistro in town, 132 Glen Bistro, that is simply always spot on perfect when it comes to food. Granted, I’m no foodie, but I do know a great dish cooked with fresh local foods when I taste it. After a trip to Lowe’s to buy tiles for the bathroom (What? You thought a little thing like an imminent birth would stop the fools at Chez Wink from rolling up their sleeves and tangling with the homeowner’s beast of burden? Pshaw! Ahem, I am a big talker. Grandma and Sean are doing the work. I can lift heavy stuff and work a table saw like nobody’s business, but words like grout and mortar make my palms sweat.) Anyway, we popped into 132 for a bite. A succulent, crispy, fresh baked bite of mountain top-picnic-tabley goodness.

Sean has some sort of crab cake thing, Grandma/Mom had a tilapia sandwich and I had my one true love, a fresh roasted turkey BLT sandwich on fresh from the oven bread. The dish of extra mustard on the side nearly made me weep with contentment. Great was my disappointment when my belly protested, No more, please, no more, after less than half. I’ve never left without inhaling the whole thing.


Contractions. Baby. Child birth. Maybe. Soon.

Not sure.

Stay tuned.

And hands off the other half of my ‘sammich’ til I get back.