Ok, so Lloyd Dobler totally had the better line…

“I told her I loved her. She gave me a pen.”

But I’m trying.

I know you are clicking over, hoping to see the post that introduces the little girl I let you know about so many months ago.

She isn’t here yet. I mean she is, oh but she so *is* here, her feet and knees brushing against my insides, her hips and her insistent rump press against my belly, always in a very cockeyed way, alternately entertaining and grossing me out.

I apologize, but can I tell you that the next best thing is here?

We have a tub. And a shower.

We can’t use them, but they are here and that fact makes me feel as if I am waking upon a sea of frothy bubbles made from the most expensive bath gel available.

Look at those happy feet toes.

And here’s the girl*, you know, the one you came looking for…

*I promise I’ll post baby photos just as soon as I can!