I call BS on that one. Because as much as I know that what I am going to have to do for the next three weeks is beyond lousy, I know that it hurts Avery more. I’ll keep this short because very soon the girls will be up and I am going to have some serious work on my hands.

Last night at about 10pm a doctor at the local ECC confirmed that Avery, in a normal bit of rough-housing, indeed fractured her tibia.


A swing set half the way done in the back yard.

New swimsuits to be broken in.

A Dora slip-n-slide type thingie just purchased.

And a passion for running, climbing and digging unlike I’ve ever seen before.

So, you can imagine how she’ll respond to the news that she isn’t to walk for several weeks.


And with that I officially open the window to suggestions of how to cope.