Get your minds out of the gutter. If you aren’t a regular reader you have no way of knowing that I don’t write about lust, the boudoir is the one thing that is off limits here at The Wink. You might catch me cussing, I may on occasion bitch, and every once in a great while I will say something that I will live to regret, but after sharing everything from naked belly shots and mortifying maternity underwear stories to raw admissions of failure, I feel pretty ok keeping my-still-lusty-marriage private.

Wow, so off track. Back to the update on lust, more specifically our summer of lust, the object of lust being…a swing-set cum play structure thing. Our plan had been to buy a kit or something that someone would erect in our yard. After much scoping and contemplating, we decided that with three daughters, the likelihood was that we would have up to six kids wanting to play on it at a time. We needed something bigger.

Being the capable people that we are (notice how I refrain from using “insane” which might be slightly closer to the truth), we decided that we could create something better suited to us for less if we did it ourselves. Let me tell you, there have been more than a few times since then when I have said in no uncertain terms that we made a colossal mistake. However, the day I saw this:

I knew all of this:

was absolutely worth it.

So there you have it, our lust has been sated.